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Eye allergy

An eye allergy or allergic conjunctivitis is considered as an immune response on the surface of the eye. In an allergic reaction, histamines are released in the area of contact which results to red, itchy or watery eyes. An eye allergy can occur any time of the year but quite common during the spring, summer […]


In tropical and sub-tropical countries, dengue is quite common. It is a viral infection that is easily spread by mosquitoes. What are the symptoms of dengue? If dengue is suspected, the following symptoms will manifest. Headache Elevated temperature as high as 41 degrees C Pain behind the eyes Muscle, joint and bone pain It is […]

Sports hernia

Sports hernia is considered as a broad term that describes the pain in the lower abdomen or upper groin area. Take note that it does not always include an actual hernia, but it can vary. It is also described as the tearing of the posterior abdominal wall. Even the pelvic floor and groin musculature can […]

What is skiers thumb?

Skiers thumb is an injury that involves the ligaments that connects the bones of the thumb together. Due to the popularity of recreational downhill skiing, it has been the main cause of this injury. The injury currently accounts for a large number of skiing injuries. In severe cases that are accompanied with the tearing of […]

What is turf toe?

Turf toe is basically a sprain that involves the ligaments surrounding the big toe joint. Even though the condition is commonly linked with football players who play on artificial turf, it can also affect athletes in other sports such as basketball, soccer, gymnastics, wrestling and dance. Turf toe is caused by jamming the big toe […]