Archive | June, 2014

White flour allergy

Allergies to food are considered very common all over the globe. Most cases are usually triggered by certain foods such as peanut, shellfish and wheat but can also be initiated by the consumption of refined products such as white flour that are commonly used in various foods in the market. Even though most of the […]

How to prevent contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is considered as a common skin condition that often leads to inflammation. There are different types of contact dermatitis which also includes irritant dermatitis that is caused by exposure to a particular irritant such as detergent, soap, jewelry and other chemicals. Allergic dermatitis is also included which occurs upon exposure to certain plants […]

What is apple allergy?

Apples are main components in an allergic reaction which is called oral allergy syndrome. Apple allergies are usually linked with birch pollen which is responsible for most cases of apple allergies. Since apple allergies are triggered by pollen, most cases occur after eating a freshly picked apple or other members of the Rosaceae family that […]

All about tick bites

Ticks are quite common all over the world and they thrive outdoors in trees, grass and shrubs. It is sad to note that they are attracted not only to pets, but also to humans. Those who love to spend time outdoors are likely to encounter ticks. Even though tick bites are usually harmless without causing […]

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