Archive | August, 2014

What are the symptoms of circulation problems affecting the foot?

Poor circulation in the foot or peripheral vascular disease is triggered by clogged up arteries and veins that supply blood to the extremities. The blood vessels that are far away from the heart can become obstructed due to the accumulation of plaque due to atherosclerosis. These congested peripheral vessels can progress to a condition called […]

What are the allergies that cause puffy eyes?

There are various reasons why eyes end up puffy including various allergies. The accumulation of fluid beneath the eyes occurs as a reaction to various allergens, causing the eyes to appear puffy. Aside from affecting the appearance of the individual, the puffiness around the eyes is often tender and uncomfortable as well as accompanied by […]

What are the indications of potential blood pressure problems?

The indications of blood pressure problems are not always apparent. An individual who has an elevated blood pressure or hypertension does not show any signs or symptoms and can have the condition for years without realizing it. Similarly, hypotension or low blood pressure has few signs or symptoms. On the other hand, if both conditions […]

Classification of surgical wounds

The classification of surgical wounds or incisions is considered as part of an array of information utilized by doctors, surgeons and medical centers. The classification of surgical wounds is aimed at the surgical incision. It simply means that the holds that are created by the stitches that are used to close an incision are not […]