Archive | January, 2015

Am I suffering from common cold or allergies?

When an individual experiences the sniffles, many assume that it is transmittable. Nevertheless, those who have the sniffles are often triggered by something that is not contagious. Those who are suffering from runny nose, congestion, coughing and sneezing, cold is initially considered but it might be the response of the body in fighting off the […]

What is angioedema?

Angioedema is significant swelling under the skin. Take note that the swelling can also occur on the skin surface. In some circumstances, the swelling can be accompanied by the appearance of hives. Some areas in the body such as the limbs and face are susceptible to swelling than the other body parts. If you want […]

Knee clicking when squatting

The knee clicking that occurs in some individuals is considered as a common symptom and does not always indicate a health issue to worry about. Due to the complex connection of tendons, ligaments and muscles that support the knee joint, they have to support the entire weight of the body during normal activities. The additional […]

What are the usual causes of chest congestion?

It is important to note that chest congestion involves the accumulation of mucus and fluids in the lungs which results to symptoms of discomfort, pain, coughing, tenderness and difficulty breathing. ┬áIn some circumstances, chest congestion can indicate a serious lung or heart disorder that entails immediate medical care. Remember that chest congestion can produce both […]

Why do I have an allergic rash after drinking alcoholic beverages?

An allergic reaction to alcohol typically occurs as sensitivity to one of the ingredients present in certain alcoholic beverages or to the substances that the alcohol is combined with in cocktails. If an individual is unable to metabolize alcohol, it can cause flushing which resembles a rash, especially in some ethnic groups. Since allergic reactions […]