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Malt allergy

Some individuals claim to suffer from allergy symptoms after consuming beer. Primarily, this was believed to be an allergic reaction to wheat. Nevertheless, some of these individuals did not experience allergy symptoms after eating bread. This leads to the conclusion that the allergic reaction can be triggered by the reaction of the body to malt. […]

Polyester allergy

Most cases of allergic reactions manifest right after ingesting or being exposed to various kinds of foods or chemicals. There are cases in which an individual might experience discomfort from wearing certain kinds of clothes. Symptoms of polyester allergy An allergy to fabrics is considered common among individuals particularly those who have sensitive skin. Polyester […]

Latex allergy in children

Latex allergy is known to trigger skin issues such as swelling or rashes as well as rhinitis and breathing difficulties. In some individuals, it can lead to a serious reaction known as anaphylaxis. This severe reaction is life-threatening and requires immediate emergency care. A close look on latex allergy Latex allergy is basically an allergic […]

Hair dye reactions

The reactions that occur to any kind of hair dye are not uncommon. They range from irritation that occur locally in areas in direct contact with the hair dye to an actual allergy which provokes local symptoms but can also trigger a systemic reaction that affects other parts of the body. In both cases, the […]

Allergy to cosmetics

Cosmetics and toiletries are used to make us look good and feel clean. They are utilized safely by many individuals of all ages all over the globe. Even though many individuals have no issues, mild irritation and rashes might be common and under recognized. Remember that irritant and allergic reactions might occur. Irritant reactions These […]

Proper management of rhinitis

Rhinitis can trigger symptoms such as itchy or runny nose, sneezing and other nasal issues. If an individual persistently suffers from rhinitis, it is best to consult a doctor for proper treatment of the condition with various medications. Antihistamine When managing rhinitis, antihistamines are used in order to reduce the production of histamine which triggers […]

First Aid for Blood Blisters

Blood blisters are similar to fluid-filled blisters, however, as the name suggests, they are filled with blood. The skin has two layers, the epidermis, the top layer, and the dermis, the bottom layer. Blood vessels, specifically the capillaries, are only present in the dermis. In regular blisters, the accumulation of clear bodily fluids happens beneath […]

Pet allergens

Throughout the years, there has been a close connection between humans and animals both at work and in domestic life. Nevertheless, contact to animals unavoidably results to exposure to the animal allergens. With this in mind, pets have been the main cause of allergies in some individuals. Dog and cat allergy It is important to […]

What is food allergy?

Food allergy is triggered once the body mistakenly creates an antibody (IgE) to fight off a particular food. Once the food is eaten again, it will trigger an immune system response which results to the release of histamine and other substances in the body. These can trigger various symptoms depending on the location where they […]

Flea bites

Fleas are blood-sucking parasites of mammals and birds. Adult fleas are wingless with the larvae characterized by its pale color and caterpillar-like appearance. It is important to note that fleas can travel far distances by jumping up to one hundred times their body length using their legs and a spring-like mechanism. Only the adult fleas […]

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