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How to avoid measles during an outbreak

The increase in the number of measles cases as well as the outbreaks has left many wondering if their children are at risk. Many understand that measles is a preventable disease through vaccination, but some are not truly certain when their children are fully protected against measles. The measles vaccination provides protection against measles but those […]

What are the indications of herniated disc?

The symptoms of herniated disc tend to vary based on where the injury is located. Generally, an individual might have one or more radicular symptoms. These typically include pain, pins and needles sensation, numbness, weakness or an electrical shock sensation down the arm or leg. An individual can end up with radicular symptoms down the […]

Altitude illness

Individuals who engage in active vacations should take into consideration measures to prevent altitude illness. If an individual trains at low altitude and plans to engage in activity at areas with high altitude, there are vital concerns to bear in mind. Diminished level of oxygen When moving from sea level to an area with high […]

Symptoms of MRSA

Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a type of bacterial infection that is becoming quite common in various countries around the globe. It is difficult to treat since it is immune to various antibiotics utilized in treating a variety of staph infections. It is important to note that MRSA can manifest in various parts of the body. […]

What is a surgical drain?

A surgical drain is typically used after a surgical procedure or used to help deal with a collection of fluids or treat an infection such as an abscess. Having a drain sounds frightening for many individuals but the device can actually hasten the healing process and help prevent the development of complications. It is important […]

Treating a stingray sting

If an individual was accidentally stung by a stingray, he/she is likely to experience a very painful reaction.  Remember that there is limited information regarding the toxin from a stingray sting, only that it is protein-based and can be dangerous. This is why it is vital to be prepared on what to do in case […]