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Can chocolate worsen asthma?

Once an individual is considered allergic to chocolate or one of the common ingredients present in chocolate, consuming it can worsen asthma. Asthma is a condition that involves swelling and inflammation in the lungs that restricts the airways, thus resulting to wheezing, shortness of breath, chest pain and coughing. Depending on the exact cause of […]

Buckwheat flour allergy

Buckwheat is a variety of flour that is finely ground and dark in color. This type of flour is commonly utilized in pancakes, breads and waffles as well as a substitute for individuals diagnosed with wheat allergy. Buckwheat contains large amounts of protein thus an allergic reaction is not uncommon. If the individual experiences a […]

Hickory pollen allergy

Many individuals who end up with breathing issues which rise and fall typically worsen during the months of April to May might develop seasonal allergies upon exposure to hickory pollen. The hickory trees which include shellbark and shagbark varieties as well as sub-species pecan are capable of producing substantial amounts of pollen that are transported […]

Symptoms of olive allergy

The common olive allergy is instigated by pollen generated by olive trees. The release of olive pollen occurs during the spring season and can result to mild to serious respiratory symptoms. It is important to note that olive trees are evergreen trees that are native to Africa, Asia and Mediterranean but have been introduced to […]

Allergy to juniper

Once the spring season arrives, it can be a difficult time for individuals who have pollen allergies. Ragweed, grasses and pigweed are the usual causes of hay fever or allergic rhinitis but even large wind-pollinating trees can contribute to the pollen in the air as well. An individual can also suffer from symptoms as early […]

Treatment for hamstring tendinitis

Tendinitis is a condition that involves inflammation or irritation of a tendon which is a dense rubbery tissue that connects muscles to bones. Some individuals can end up with hamstring tendinitis especially those who engage in certain sports particularly contact sports. Once the muscle contract, they tug on the tendons which pull on the bone […]

Flu: Incubation period

Once an individual has been exposed to someone with the flu, acquiring the condition is usually the concern. The incubation period is the length after exposure until the individual becomes sick. Since flu has always been a concern in both children and adults, the incubation period of flu is amid 24 hours up to 4 […]

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