Archive | August, 2015

Indications of active tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is still considered one of the major health threats globally. Tuberculosis can be latent or active. When it comes to latent tuberculosis, the bacteria are inactive and could not cause any symptoms. As for active tuberculosis, the causative bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis are multiplying actively, thus causing a symptomatic and communicable condition. Fever, chills and […]

Care for knee wounds

The knees are constantly being used on a daily basis and often endure the effect of impact and pressure when falling or kneeling. The exterior of the knee is considered as a fragile layer of skin tissue that can be scraped or cut. As for the interior of the knee, it is comprised of tissues […]

MRSA symptoms of pneumonia

Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is capable of triggering various symptoms once pneumonia develops. Always bear in mind that staph infections have been a common cause of pneumonia and usually linked with the flu or flu-like symptoms. Some of these flu-like symptoms are quite common, but a set of distinctive symptoms might indicate that a serious […]

Indications of intermittent fever among children

Once a child has fever, it simply signifies that the body increased its temperature in an attempt to fight off a particular disease process or infection. Although this bodily mechanism is considered beneficial to the body, many still worry and chances are if the child repeatedly experiences one when you believe that he/she is getting […]