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Salicylic acid for eczema

Eczema is known to affect both children and some adults. This skin condition is also called as atopic dermatitis which often starts in childhood and continues until adulthood. ┬áThere are various treatment options available including self-care measures, allergy control and medications. Even though not considered serious, eczema can be bothersome and the open skin wounds […]

Why do hives break out?

Hives manifest once fluid from the blood vessels and capillaries are trapped under the skin which results to localized redness and swelling. The hives can be large in size and strikingly resemble mosquito bites. An individual who develops hives might also suffer from itchiness and significant discomfort. There are various causes for hives, thus if […]

Tension headaches: Can diet soda trigger one?

Tension headaches are considered as one of the common types of headache that is described as pain linked with a feeling of muscle tightness in the scalp, neck or head. Some individuals only suffer from this type of headache intermittently while some develop chronic and regular symptoms. Diet and non-diet sodas that contain caffeine can […]

Possible triggers for headache and nausea?

Headaches that occur along with nausea can be triggered by various factors that range from brain abnormalities or even food sensitivities. It is recommended that the individual should note down their headaches and every time they feel sick so that the doctor can utilize the information to check for a pattern when diagnosing the condition. […]