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What is chikungunya?

The chikungunya is categorized as an alphavirus infection with symptoms that generally develop 3-7 days after a bite but can occur in 1-12 days. In most cases, those who are infected develop symptoms. As for dengue and other viruses, most or even half do not develop any symptoms at all. In most cases, there is […]

What is Lassa fever?

The indications of Lassa are strikingly similar to the Ebola since both are viral hemorrhagic fevers and found in West Africa. When it comes to Lassa, it is not widely known but responsible for many deaths over the last decade. Those who are infected with Lassa are less likely to die but the condition can […]

Can caffeine cause eye twitching?

Eye twitching typically occurs in an abrupt manner and apparently unexpected. Even though it can oftentimes be linked to a serious health issue, eye twitching is a benign condition. You can relieve the twitching by determining and treating the underlying trigger which typically includes fatigue, stress and excess intake of caffeine. Close look on eye […]

Can walking cause edema?

Edema is known to occur during and right after exercise especially in the feet, hands and lower legs. This is true during warm weather, pregnancy and after consumption of salty foods that increases water retention. If there are no other symptoms particularly pain and if the swelling subsides within 24 hours, it is not an […]

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