Archive | September, 2016

What is hemochromatosis?

Hemochromatosis is a genetic condition where the body absorbs excessive iron. If not treated, it can lead to organ damage. Blood testing is carried out to check if an individual has hemochromatosis. Treatment to manage the condition is readily available but required for life. Among those with hemochromatosis, excessive amount of iron is absorbed from […]

What is glue ear?

Glue ear develops once liquid within the ear thickens like glue. The condition often occurs after repeated ear infections and can affect hearing and result to other conditions. If a child or adult is suspected with this condition, a doctor should be consulted. Glue ear occurs once liquid within the middle ear ends up trapped […]

Pain medications: Can I buy without a prescription?

There are some pain medications that are available without a prescription that are used to manage minor aches and pains.┬áIt is important to note that pain is an indication of another condition and there are various causes. Nevertheless, consulting a doctor is not needed to obtain a pain medication. There are various medications that are […]