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Measures to manage osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis affects millions of individuals all over the globe. Once an individual has been diagnosed with this condition, there are various treatment options available to reduce the pain and rigidity as well as slow down the progression of the disease. Treatment options for osteoarthritis There are 3 main treatment options used to manage osteoarthritis. Depending […]

How to deal with fall allergies

Fall allergies are usually triggered by mold and ragweed. Exposure can trigger annoying symptoms such as sneezing and watery or swollen eyes. Based on some studies, it reveals that warmer temperatures can produce higher pollen count and promotes the growth of pollen-producing plants. Aside from runny nose and itchy eyes, fall allergies can also trigger […]

How to deal with an electrical injury?

An electrical injury occurs if an electrical current flows through the body. This results to a disruption with the function of an internal organ or oftentimes burning of the tissues. Electrical injury can occur after exposure to defective electrical appliances or machinery as well as unintentional contact with household wires or electrical lines. Being shocked […]

What is insecticide poisoning?

Serious cases of insecticide poisoning are caused by organophosphate and carbamate forms of insecticides especially if used for suicide attempts. Due to the deadly properties of insecticides, they are deadly to humans. Organophosphates include parathion, malathion, dursban and sarin. Some of these compounds are derived from nerve gases. As for carbamates, they include carbaryl, fenobucarb […]

Pinworm infection

Pinworm infection is caused by the intestinal roundworm Enterobius vermicularis. This infection typically affects children. This is the most prevalent form of roundworm infection among children in various places all over the globe. How it spreads The infection occurs after the pinworm eggs are ingested. The larvae hatch in the small intestine and then move […]

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