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Heat rash

Heat rash is described as a reddened or pinkish rash found on body parts covered by clothing. It can develop if the sweat ducts are clogged and swell and often results to itchiness and discomfort. This is quite common among infants but can occur in adults in humid, hot climates. What are the causes? Among […]

Poison ivy

The rash triggered by poison ivy is an allergic skin reaction to urushiol found inside the plant. This oil is present in all parts of the plant including the stems, leaves, roots and berries. Exposure to poison ivy can occur in any of the following: Direct contact to any part of the plant Touching objects […]


Chilblains are small-sized, painful, itchy red swelling on the skin which are caused by an erratic skin reaction to cold. They usually occur on the extremities that are susceptible to cold such as the nose, fingers, toes and earlobes. Nevertheless, other parts of the skin can develop the condition if they become cold such as […]

Detergent allergy: What are the indications to watch out for?

An individual with detergent allergy might develop abrupt reactions after an extended period of exposure such as in the workplace. Nevertheless, some individuals have used a certain product for years without any issues before developing the allergy symptoms. The symptoms might arise from direct exposure with laundry detergents or from residues left on bedding or […]

Can cold weather trigger facial rashes in children?

Facial rashes that occur among children have various causes such as viruses, irritants and illnesses. Cold weather is known to cause or worsen the facial rashes especially if the temperature and elements are quite extreme. Being familiar with what causes a facial rash during cold weather can help determine the right treatment and preventive measures. […]

Altitude illness

Individuals who engage in active vacations should take into consideration measures to prevent altitude illness. If an individual trains at low altitude and plans to engage in activity at areas with high altitude, there are vital concerns to bear in mind. Diminished level of oxygen When moving from sea level to an area with high […]