Month: February 2014

First aid for burns

For burns, especially the first-degree burns, you can provide first aid for burns in order to minimize the symptoms. Degrees of burns Burns are classified in three categories – first-degree, second-degree and third-degree. The first-degree burns only involve the exterior surface of the skin and the symptoms include redness, minor pain and swelling. For the …

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Food poisoning

Both nausea and abdominal pain are caused by food-borne bacteria. Always remember that food poisoning can result to nausea, severe pain and diarrhea. These can eventually lead to serious dehydration. What are the causes of food poisoning? Different types of bacteria can lead to food-borne illnesses. Even cooked food that is left at room temperature …

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Aspartame poisoning

Aspartame is well-known as an artificial sweetener that is utilized in sweetening foods without the excess calories. Some individuals often drink or eat products that contain aspartame in an effort to lose or maintain their weight. Always bear in mind that aspartame can result to certain health issues if taken in excessive amounts. If you …

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