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Broken ankle

A broken ankle is considered one of the most common bone and joint injuries. In most cases, the degree of pain, concern over a broken bone or inability to walk is what urges individuals to seek care once an ankle injury is suspected. Causes of a broken ankle Once an individual stresses the ankle joint […]


Hyperventilation is breathing excessively more than what the body normally requires. Deep or rapid breathing sometimes occurs in serious conditions such as bleeding or during a heart attack. As for hyperventilation syndrome, it is more specific and basically relates to an over breathing pattern that occurs under certain conditions. Causes of hyperventilation The exact cause […]


Fainting or syncope is the temporary loss of consciousness. When an individual faints, he/she typically regains alertness right after becoming conscious and will not manifest involuntary movement while being unconscious. Fainting is usually caused by the temporary loss of blood supply to the brain and can indicate a serious medical condition. Individuals of all ages […]

Learning about Drug Interactions through St Mark James Training

One of the advantages of choosing first aid training schools with the right course contents such as the St Mark James Training center is that they discuss drug interactions and how it can worsen medical emergencies. This is important for rescuers who may not have insufficient knowledge regarding the background of the patient that they […]

Spider bites

If you are bitten by non-poisonous spiders, it results to irritation, redness and pain that can be easily treated by home with first aid measures such as over-the-counter pain medications along with the application of cold packs to minimize the swelling. These local reactions from spider bites typically resolve without treatment after 7-10 days. In […]

What is motion sickness?

Motion sickness is the feeling that an individual gets once the motion sensed within the interior ear is different from the motion being visualized. This is considered as a common condition that typically manifests in some individuals who travel by train, car, boat or airplane. Some suffer from this condition if they ride on roller […]


A heatstroke is considered as a life-threatening condition that can lead to an elevated body temperature accompanied with the dysfunction of different organ systems. The distinguishing symptom of this condition is the elevated body temperature that is higher than 104 F and can include possible brain damage. Heatstroke is a medical emergency that is often […]

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