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Bomb Threats

Bomb threats are defined as threats, whether verbal or written, to ignite an explosive. These explosions often lead to multiple injuries, death, and property damage. Although majority of these threats are hoaxes, one can never be too sure until safety is guaranteed by the security. However, some of these bomb threats are not just used […]

Arm slings

An arm sling is basically a bandage that is utilized to provide support to an injured joint. In most cases, these slings are used once a joint is dislocated, damaged or injured due to surgery. Take note that the sling maintains the affected arm or shoulder motionless so that the muscles, tendons and bones can […]

Symptoms of black mold exposure

Black mold has been known to cause detrimental effects on the health especially if the spores are inhaled. Even though the effects of exposure to black mold have been exaggerated, it poses a real danger. It is important that you are well aware of the symptoms so that you can easily recognize them once they […]

First aid for an infected puncture wound

Most cases of puncture wounds could not cause severe bleeding and they rapidly close. Apparently, these characteristics make puncture wounds appear less critical than it is. Always remember that puncture wounds has the potential to be serious due to the threat of infection. These wounds can be caused by bites from animals, humans or by […]

Using Tegaderm dressing

Tegaderm dressings are specifically designed to aid in wound care as well as for infusion therapy sites. With the versatile nature, effectiveness and ease of use, it made these dressings essentials in health care facilities. Additionally, they are impermeable to microorganisms, creating an effective barrier to contamination while at the same time providing a moist […]

Various kinds of bandages

There are major types of bandages that you should be familiar with – roller bandages, dressings, triangular bandages and tubular bandages. These are required for applying pressure, covering wounds or supporting a sprain or strain. There is a specific bandage for each of these, thus it is important to keep every type of bandage readily […]

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