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Management of a bullet wound

If an individual is injured during a shooting incident whether hunting in the wilderness or as a crime victim, it is important to call for emergency assistance right away. Always remember that a bullet wound requires emergency care by the medical team. The quicker the medical team arrives on the scene, the better the chances […]

How electrical shocks occur

Electric shock has been one of the causes of death on a global scale. ┬áIn most cases, electric shock injuries can occur once an electric current passes through the body or even exposure to a lightning strike in rare occasions. Electrical cords from household appliances are responsible for many cases of electrical shock injuries among […]

How do leg cramps occur?

Leg cramps are best described as a type of muscle cramp that typically causes the muscles in the calf to contract in a painful manner that can last from a few seconds up to several minutes. Once an individual experiences a leg cramp, the muscles that are cramping could not be controlled and it can […]

Dry ice exposure

Dry ice is basically carbon dioxide in frozen form. It is characterized for sublimation where it transforms immediately into carbon dioxide gas instead of liquid once it melts. Dry ice is relatively colder than ice made from water. This is why it is important to be careful when handling dry ice. Take note that even […]

Management of airbag burns

Airbags can cause a variety of burn injuries such as caused by friction, heat and chemicals. Understandably, there are different treatments for every type of burn, thus it is vital that you are familiar on the kind of burn sustained by an individual from a deployed airbag. Treating chemical burns caused by airbags Start initially […]

Treatment for steam burns

A steam burn occurs once the rising steam gets in contact with the skin. This will make the skin red in color and irritated. Severe cases of steam burns would require a visit to the emergency room. As for mild cases, they can be treated at home with basic first aid involving the application of […]

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