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How to manage stomach acid

Stomach acid is vital for healthy digestion. On the other hand, once this acid becomes excessive or ascends from the stomach into the esophagus, problems can occur. Excessive amounts of stomach acid or hyperacidity can cause diminished appetite, sleeping difficulties, belching and pain. Even though there is no specific therapy for stomach acid, there are […]

Food poisoning due to tomato

In the past, fresh tomatoes were to blame for a salmonella outbreak, but with further research it was discovered that jalapeno peppers were responsible. It is important to note that just like with other fresh vegetables and fruits, tomatoes can become contaminated with pathogens such as E. coli and salmonella once they come into contact […]

What is road rash?

The treatment for road rash is quite similar to the care provided for burns. Road rash involves rubbing off part or all of the skin and medically known as a skin abrasion. Road rash basically involves skin that has been scraped off in an area on the body. The skin often appears raw and can […]

How to manage chemical burns

Individuals who face the highest risk for chemical burns include the elderly, infants and disabled since they could not handle chemicals properly. In most cases, a chemical burn can be sustained unintentionally or not following the proper safety measures when chemicals are used at work or school. Individuals who have diminished mobility also face a […]

The normal healing process of blisters and scars

Throughout the years, the skin is subjected to surface contact along with exposure to the external environment which results to cuts, blisters, scrapes and other wounds. The highly complex cellular activities involved in the normal healing process immediately start after the individual sustains an injury. Blisters and other wounds that involves more than the superficial […]

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