November 2014

What are the side effects of household mold?

Mold is considered as a type of fungi that typically thrives in dark and moist environments. The most common indoor molds include penicillium, cladosporium, alternaria and aspergillus. The side effects caused by mold can occur due to the release of spores, irritants and toxic substances that are capable of eliciting an allergic reaction among individuals …

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What are foods that instigate the histamine response?

It is important to note that histamine naturally occurs in the body and released during an allergic response and when the individual is under stress. Histamine is also present in certain foods and eventually broken down by an enzyme. In some individuals, they generate limited amounts of this enzyme called as diamine oxidase which leads …

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Emergency eye wash

In case chemicals or other contaminants enter the eyes, it is vital that the eyes are rinsed right away. Eye issues that involve dangerous or hazardous chemicals can be severe. It is required that an emergency eye wash must be carried out especially in locations or areas that involves the use of corrosive or toxic …

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