Month: May 2015


Metatarsalgia or pain beneath the ball of the foot has various causes. The ball of the foot is comprised of 5 metatarsophalangeal joints which are the joints in which the toes flex and push off the ground. The common cause of metatarsalgia is an abnormal foot structure which leads to additional pressure at the ball …

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What is sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT)?

Sublingual immunotherapy or SLIT is a common form of immunotherapy that involves application of drops of allergen extracts beneath the tongue. This form of immunotherapy has been utilized in Europe for many years and its usage in other countries recently increased but still not approved in the U.S. SLIT is typically administered as drops or …

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Connection of vaccines with food allergy

Various routine childhood vaccinations are given every year and allergic reactions from these vaccines are considered extremely rare. Nevertheless, some individuals with certain food allergies might be at higher risk for allergic reactions since some vaccines might contain certain food proteins. Children usually suffer from food allergies, particularly egg as the top allergen. Several routine …

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Eyelid rash

Eyelid rashes are considered as a common issue, particularly for women and can be triggered by various allergic reactions and autoimmune diseases. It is important to note that the skin over the eyelids is very thin and susceptible to rashes caused by allergies. Most individuals who experience eyelid rashes have allergic causes, often due to …

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Strawberry allergy

Aside from being one of the highly attractive culinary garnishes in various desserts, strawberries are also considered as an effective antioxidant. Based on studies conducted, it has the ability to fight cancer and serve both as an anti-neurodegenerative and anti-inflammatory, which makes them suitable alternatives to medications. On the other hand, strawberries are also one …

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