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Relief for severe nasal congestion

It is important to note that nasal congestion has various causes including common cold and allergies. Providing relief to severe nasal congestion helps reduce the headache pain and facial discomfort linked to the condition and the key in preventing sinus infections from developing. You can utilize a neti pot to irrigate the sinuses for relief […]

Effects of dehydration: Frequent urination

The urge to urinate frequently can be triggered by various conditions. This can be accompanied by the feeling to urinate right away together with pain or discomfort in the bladder. It is important to note that frequent urination can be caused by diabetes, urinary infection, cancer, pregnancy, stroke, urinary incontinence, neurological diseases and prostate issues. […]

First Aid Treatment for Snake Bites

There is an estimated 2.5 million venomous snake bites each year, with 125,000 resulting to deaths. Snake bites happen when a snake bites (and punctures) the skin and though most are not dangerous, some snake bites are venomous. Although it accounts for a large number of injuries in the world, mortality due to snake bites […]

Facial eczema in children

Once a child develops a rash, it is often a cause for concern for many parents. In some cases, the rash has a specific cause and once the exact cause is determined and dealt with, it heals on its own. On the other hand, some rashes does not have a cause and even lingers which […]

Suitable skin cream for burns

When it comes to household burns, they can be triggered by various unforeseen events such as exposure to steam from a boiling teapot, splash of oil while frying or unintentionally grasping a heated styling tool. The initial reaction of many individuals is to reach out for thick skin cream or other greasy topical ointment. On […]

Allergy to magnesium citrate

An allergy can develop if a new substance was introduced into the body. Some individuals who introduce a new supplement or medication into their diet might end up with an allergic reaction. If an individual is currently using magnesium citrate and develops adverse reactions, he/she must stop using the product and schedule an appointment with […]

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