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When do I need a tetanus shot?

A tetanus shot is needed if an injury involves a break in the skin and the tetanus vaccinations are not updated. What is tetanus? Tetanus is considered as a serious health issue. If properly treated, it is usually a short-term condition. On the other hand, if not treated, tetanus can be deadly. Always bear in […]

How to deal with dandruff

Dandruff is considered as a common condition that affects the scalp. It is not a major nuisance but can be embarrassing especially if the dry flakes drop on the shoulders. If the individual has mild dandruff, the condition is easy to deal with. Measures to manage dandruff The individual can wash the hair on a […]

What is frozen shoulder?

A frozen shoulder involves pain and rigidity of the shoulder. This is also called as adhesive capsulitis. In most circumstances, the symptoms tend to worsen gradually over a number of months or years. The individual will experience shoulder pain for the first 2-9 months that can be severe and then followed by increasing stiffness. The […]

Management of back pain

The available treatment options for back pain tend to vary depending on how long the individual experienced the pain, the severity and the preferences of the individual. There are various treatments for back pain that you should be familiar with. What to do for short-term back pain Primarily, back pain is managed with over-the-counter pain […]

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a skin condition that triggers the formation of flaky, reddened, crusty patches of skin that are covered with silvery scales. It is important to note that these patches usually manifest on the knees, elbows, lower back and scalp but can develop in other parts of the body as well. In most individuals, they […]

Medications for hay fever

Antihistamines are highly effective in relieving the symptoms of hay fever. Those who have the condition must check if they are using their medications correctly rather than continuing to suffer. In case the symptoms do not seem to improve with treatment, it is vital to consult a doctor to help control the condition which is […]

How to deal with minor burns

Minor burns can occur at home especially in the kitchen or in the workplace. Depending on the cause of the burn, it is important that you are prepared to manage minor burns. As for burns that appear severe, it is best to seek medical care so that proper assessment and treatment can be carried out. […]

What is chickenpox?

Always bear in mind that chickenpox is a mild and prevalent childhood condition that many children acquire at some point in their lives. This condition causes the development of red, itchy rashes that turn to fluid-filled blisters. After some time, they crust over to form scabs that later on drop off. Some children only have […]

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