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MCL injury due to walking

An MCL injury can be categorized as mild or severe. The medial collateral ligament or MCL is positioned in the knee. Always bear in mind that the MCL is a usual site for injury among those who engage in sports especially high-impact or contact sports. The treatment options for a MCL injury tends to vary […]

Do I have a torn MCL?

The MCL is one of the main ligaments within the knee. This thick membranous band is situated on the interior of the knee joint which attaches at the femur and tibia. The MCL prevents forces that cause the knee to collapse inward. Always bear in mind that a sprained or torn MCL typically occurs during […]

Knee popping while stair climbing

Most individuals experience knee popping every now and then, usually when climbing stairs. When climbing stairs, the movement stretches the tendons in the knees in a manner that produces the sound. If this occurs in an infrequent manner, it is usually harmless. As for cases in which the knee popping is frequent or occurs along […]

What is weight-bearing pain?

Weight-bearing pain has been an upsetting problem that affects various joints in the body such as the knees, ankles, lower back, hips and the vertebral column. While walking, bending, running, twisting, standing and lying down, these body parts endure substantial pressure that can eventually lead to pain and injury. This is true during exercises that […]

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