Archive | March, 2016

Triggers for knee pain: Types of food

Knee pain that is caused by gout or arthritis can affect performance in sports or ability to jog. In severe cases, the knee pain can even prevent an individual from walking normally. Based on studies conducted, there is no evidence which confirms that certain foods can aggravate knee pain. On the other hand, circumstantial proof […]

Chest pain: Why it occurs while running during cold weather?

The presence of chest pain while running during cold weather might be due to various health issues. For some individuals, running is a highly enjoyed activity which concurrently revitalizes and eases the body, energizing the heart rate and warming up the muscles. On the other hand, this activity can cause discomfort in some individuals such […]

Karate: Why do I experience knee pain?

Knee pain that develop from karate might indicate various issues. Even though most injuries from karate include head trauma and bruises, knee injuries are also common. Always bear in mind that the knees are subjected to beating while practicing the sport that can range from kicking on posts, horse stance, impact, constant bending and explosive […]

What are the indications of carotid stenosis?

Carotid stenosis occurs once the arteries become constricted or narrowed. The carotid arteries are positioned in the neck and responsible for supplying the brain with oxygen and blood. In most circumstances, this is caused by the development of atherosclerosis which is the buildup of plaque on the arterial walls. It is important to note that […]

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