Month: May 2016

Stomach flu: How long must I stay home?

The stomach flu can make any individual miserable due to the diarrhea and vomiting. If fever, weakness and nausea are present as well, it can make the condition even more unbearable. [su_youtube url=””] Most do not even consider leaving the house if the stomach flu strikes. In most circumstances, the condition starts with repeated episodes …

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Protection against the norovirus

The norovirus is one of the main causes of stomach flu or gastroenteritis. It is important to note that it is actually quite prevalent than most realize and most are likely to have experienced at least one episode at some point in life due to its contagious nature. [su_youtube url=””] How norovirus spreads The outbreaks …

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Can caffeine cause eye twitching?

Eye twitching typically occurs in an abrupt manner and apparently unexpected. Even though it can oftentimes be linked to a serious health issue, eye twitching is a benign condition. You can relieve the twitching by determining and treating the underlying trigger which typically includes fatigue, stress and excess intake of caffeine. [su_youtube url=””] Close look …

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Can walking cause edema?

Edema is known to occur during and right after exercise especially in the feet, hands and lower legs. This is true during warm weather, pregnancy and after consumption of salty foods that increases water retention. [su_youtube url=””] If there are no other symptoms particularly pain and if the swelling subsides within 24 hours, it is …

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Is there a link between edema and protein?

Edema involves swelling due to surplus fluid trapped within the bodily tissues. Even though it affects all parts of the body, one of the initial indications of edema is the presence of swollen feet. [su_youtube url=”″] Although a low intake of protein might be one of the potential causes of edema, a doctor should be …

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Potential causes of peripheral edema

Peripheral edema typically affects the legs or ankles. Edema is described as swelling due to the accumulation of serous fluid in the connective tissue such as bone and cartilage or in the serous cavity which is a hollow space inside the body. [su_youtube url=””] This occurs once small-sized blood vessels in the body leak fluid …

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Swollen uvula: What are the causes?

A swollen uvula has various causes that you should be familiar with. The uvula is a bell-shaped organ that suspends from the roof of the throat. The function of this organ is not yet fully understood though some believe it is an indication of the evolutionary process of humans. [su_youtube url=””] The uvula has a …

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