Archive | June, 2016

How big toe arthritis is managed

Big toe arthritis is considered as a debilitating condition especially in the advanced phases. The condition is the result of erosion on the articular cartilage and the development of bone spurs. The affected joint becomes stiff or rigid and the symptoms wax and wane or even become continuous. Many individuals might alleviate the symptoms with […]

Close look on a Lisfranc injury

A Lisfranc injury involves the ligaments that connects the bones of the midfoot and forefoot. Oftentimes, the injury involves a simple dislocation and oftentimes a broken bone occurs. The dislocation occurs once there is separation of the normal joint alignment amidst the forefoot and midfoot. Once there is a fracture, the broken bone typically involves […]

Subluxation: Do I have joint subluxation?

Subluxation occurs once a joint start to dislocate. Nevertheless, instead of the joint surfaces fully losing contact, a subluxation is considered as a partial dislocation. It is important to note that this is oftentimes the consequence of an acute or traumatic injury. In such circumstances, subluxation of the joint can cause intense pain. It can […]

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