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Child care: Chronic middle ear infection

Chronic middle ear infection develops after recurrent infections that impairs the eardrum or results to the formation of a cholesteatoma which promotes the development of infection. What are the possible causes? A chronic middle ear infection can be triggered by an acute infection, crushing or penetrating ear injuries, Eustachian tube blockage, blast injuries or chemical […]

What is intussusception?

During intussusception, one intestinal segment glides into another. The involved sections impede the bowel and hinder the flow of blood. This is the most prevalent cause of blockage of the intestines in children between 3 months up to 3 years of age. Take note that boys are more affected than girls. In most instances, the […]

What is laryngitis?

Laryngitis involves inflammation of the larynx or voice box. The usual cause of a brief case of laryngitis is a viral infection involving the upper airways such as the common cold. Laryngitis might also occur along with bronchitis or any inflammation or infection of the upper airways. Prolonged use of the voice, exposure to irritants […]

Artificial joint infectious arthritis

It is important to note that an artificial joint can become infected by bacteria during or after surgery. In some cases, infections affecting the artificial joints can be prevented by taking antibiotics before a procedure. Remember that the infected joints require replacement and antibiotics must be taken for a long period of time. Oftentimes, those […]

What is plantar fasciosis?

Plantar fasciosis is characterized as pain that originates from the thick tissue bands or plantar fascia that radiates from the base of the heel bone up to the bottom of the toes. Remember that in this condition, the fascia is repeatedly stressed or strained rather than inflamed. This condition can develop among individuals who have […]

What is psoriatic arthritis?

Psoriatic arthritis is a form of joint inflammation that develops among individuals who have psoriasis of the nails or skin. The commonly affected joints include the knees, hips and those that are close to the tips of the toes and fingers. It is important to note that psoriatic arthritis strikingly resembles rheumatoid arthritis but does […]

What is polyarteritis nodosa?

Polyarteritis nodosa is considered as a form of vasculitis that involves the inflammation of the medium-sized arteries. The condition is rare and usually develops during middle age especially those in their 50s but can occur at any age. The exact cause is unknown but can be triggered by certain viral infections or medications. The skin, […]

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