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Bandage application

Proper bandage application is essential when caring for various injuries and wounds. It is important that you are familiar on how to correctly apply one in case a family member or friend is wounded. Vital points in bandage application Make sure that the individual is comfortable and inform him/her what you are doing. You have to […]


Shingles or herpes zoster is an infection that develops due to the reactivation of the same virus responsible for chickenpox. The condition is characterized by a painful rash. Can shingles spread to others? Shingles could not spread to others. Nevertheless, they can acquire chickenpox if had not been infected before or given the chickenpox vaccine. […]

What are partial thickness burns?

A partial thickness burn affects the upper 2 layers of the skin – epidermis and hypodermis. This type of burn continues to change over time and evolve into a full thickness burn even after primary treatment was provided. It is important to note that a partial thickness burn can be serious and has a high […]


Coccydynia is discomfort or pain in the coccyx or tailbone. Take note that this is the last bone at the base of the spine. An individual can strain or damage the coccyx or the adjacent ligaments and muscles. In most instances, the pain eventually improves over a few weeks or months but it can persist […]


Conjunctivitis is a prevalent eye condition that causes reddening and redness of the thin sheet of tissue covering the anterior region of the eye or conjunctiva. The other indications include watery eyes and itchiness as well as the formation of a tacky layer on the eyelashes. The condition can develop in one eye initially but […]

Acute respiratory distress syndrome

Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is considered as a life-threatening condition in which the lungs could not provide sufficient oxygen for the entire body. This condition can affect individuals of any age and typically develops as a complication of a current health condition. Accordingly, most individuals have already been hospitalized by the time the symptoms […]

What are ischemic wounds?

Ischemic wounds develop due to blocked flow of blood to the small and medium vascular beds in the body which is known as arterial insufficiency. The ischemic wounds are usually found on the legs, feet and toes, usually on the heels, shins, tops or sides of the feet, toe tips or in between the toes […]

How to deal with wound dehiscence?

Wound dehiscence is a typical complication of surgical wounds that involves the opening up of a surgical incision throughout the suture. In most instances, the sutures or closures around the wound perimeters must stay intact while new tissue starts to form to heal the wound. Nevertheless, once wound dehiscence occurs, the borders separate and the […]

Overview on spondylosis

Spondylosis involves wear-and-tear changes to the spine. Many individuals develop the condition in the spine as they grow older. The age-related variances in the spine vary from one individual to another and do not usually trigger any issues. Once spondylosis triggers symptoms, they usually include occasional pain and rigidity. The changes can also manifest in […]

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