Breathing Emergencies

Breathing issues: How to use a dry powder inhaler

An individual with asthma or other lung conditions might require a dry powder inhaler. These conditions cause difficulty breathing and requires an inhaler so that medications can reach into the lungs. A dry powder inhaler works effectively than the same medication in pill form. An inhaler also allows using less medication than needed if the …

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Child care: Rhinovirus infections

Rhinovirus infections are typically linked with the common cold. It is important to note that rhinoviruses are responsible for causing ear infections, sore throat, sinus infections and even bronchiolitis and pneumonia in rare instances. Rhinovirus infections rapidly spread from person-to-person contact. Once a child with the rhinovirus develops runny nose, the nasal secretions can spread …

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Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)

Severe acute respiratory syndrome is triggered by a group of organisms called coronaviruses. Other variants of the coronaviruses are the usual source of minor to moderate cases of upper respiratory tract infections in both children as well as adults. The incubation phase is usually 2-7 days. What are the indications? Severe acute respiratory syndrome is …

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Nut allergy

If an individual has nut allergy, an initial contact with nuts triggers the immune system to react. Nevertheless, there are no symptoms of a reaction at this point. It is on the second exposure that a full-blown allergic reaction occurs. Many children who have nut allergy experience the symptoms once they are exposed to nuts …

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Persistent rhinitis: What are the commonly used treatments?

Persistent rhinitis is typically triggered by allergic rhinitis. The non-allergic type might be harder to manage and depends on the cause. In most cases, steroid nasal sprays might be useful. Commonly used treatment choices for persistent rhinitis If persistent rhinitis is due to an allergy, there are several treatment choices that can be considered. Avoidance …

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Acute respiratory distress syndrome

Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is considered as a life-threatening condition in which the lungs could not provide sufficient oxygen for the entire body. This condition can affect individuals of any age and typically develops as a complication of a current health condition. Accordingly, most individuals have already been hospitalized by the time the symptoms …

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