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Spider bites

If you are bitten by non-poisonous spiders, it results to irritation, redness and pain that can be easily treated by home with first aid measures such as over-the-counter pain medications along with the application of cold packs to minimize the swelling. These local reactions from spider bites typically resolve without treatment after 7-10 days. In […]


A heatstroke is considered as a life-threatening condition that can lead to an elevated body temperature accompanied with the dysfunction of different organ systems. The distinguishing symptom of this condition is the elevated body temperature that is higher than 104 F and can include possible brain damage. Heatstroke is a medical emergency that is often […]

Heat exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is caused by excessive loss of salts and fluids in the body due to heat. The condition can result to a drop in the blood volume that causes a variety of symptoms and oftentimes include fainting. Unlike with heat cramps, heat exhaustion is more severe since more fluids have been depleted from the […]

Heat cramps

Heat cramps are considered as severe muscle spasms due to a combination of prolonged exercise or activity, substantial sweating and excessive water loss during extreme heat. When one sweats, the salts or electrolytes and fluids are lost, but drinking adequate amounts of water will lead to the dilution of the salts, resulting to heat cramps. […]