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How to deal with a fractured larynx?

A fractured larynx is usually due to a direct injury that leads to damage in the voice box. This injury is considered rare but can be dangerous. What are the indications? If an individual is suspected with a fractured larynx, the symptoms include the following: Throat pain especially while swallowing Hoarseness of voice or loss […]

Ankle avulsion fracture

An ankle avulsion fracture involves pulling away of tendon or ligament from the bone, usually tugging a small piece of bone along. Avulsion fractures can occur in any part of the bone usually at the joints and the ankle is one of the usual spots for it to occur. Once the ankle is twisted or […]

Navicular fracture

A navicular fracture involves a break in a small-sized bone on the thumb side of the wrist. It is important to note that the navicular bone is likely to break among the carpal bones in the wrist. This type of fracture requires treatment to promote proper healing. With proper treatment and follow-up care, most cases […]