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What is whiplash?

A whiplash injury occurs once the neck of an individual is whipped in a back and forward motion abruptly. This injury is quite common during rear-end vehicular collisions but can also occur due to sports injuries and physical abuse. Whiplash takes place once the soft tissues of the neck are extended beyond the normal range […]

Head injury

Head injuries can cause damage to the scalp, skull or the brain. The brain is located within the skull protected by a soft cushion of tissues known as meninges. Fracture to the skull Head injuries are usually inflicted by blunt or penetrating trauma to the head. Even though the skull does not have to be […]

Eye injuries

If you are not careful with your eyes, you might end up with eye injuries, especially during sports. Understandably, eye injuries can occur in any working environment especially professions that involves the use of power tools. Common eye injuries • Eye abrasion • Black eye • Impaled object in the eye • Chemical exposure First […]