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What is vomiting?

Vomiting is best described as a forceful discharge of the contents in the stomach. This can be linked to something that did not settle right in the stomach. Vomiting that is recurrent can be connected to several underlying medical conditions. If it is frequent, it can lead to dehydration and can be life-threatening if it […]

First aid for the elderly

Special first aid skills are not required to care for individuals ages 65 and older but it is vital to fully understand that with increasing age, the elderly are prone to injuries and accidents that need appropriate first aid care. By being familiar with some of the common situations that can occur among the elderly, […]

What is pain?

Pain is a term that describes an uncomfortable sensation in the body. This sensation typically starts from the activation of the nervous system. Take note that it can range from an annoyance to a debilitating feeling and it can feel dull, sharp, stabbing or ache. Pain can be described as stinging, throbbing, pinching and sore. […]