Sudden Medical Emergencies


Fainting or syncope is the temporary loss of consciousness. When an individual faints, he/she typically regains alertness right after becoming conscious and will not manifest involuntary movement while being unconscious. Fainting is usually caused by the temporary loss of blood supply to the brain and can indicate a serious medical condition. Individuals of all ages …

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Learning about Drug Interactions through St Mark James Training

One of the advantages of choosing first aid training schools with the right course contents such as the St Mark James Training center is that they discuss drug interactions and how it can worsen medical emergencies. This is important for rescuers who may not have insufficient knowledge regarding the background of the patient that they …

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A seizure is basically a change in the electrical activity of the brain that can lead to noticeable symptoms or none in some cases. The symptoms of a severe case usually include violent shaking and loss of control. Nevertheless, mild cases can also indicate an underlying medical problem thus recognizing the symptoms is vital. Always …

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