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Osteoporosis: What are the indications of a fracture?

The hips, spine and the wrist are the usual locations for a fracture to occur among those who have osteoporosis. In such cases, it is vital that you know what to expect. Common fractures among those with osteoporosis Wrist fracture This fracture often occurs if an individual land on his/her outstretched hand to thwart a …

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Cirrhosis is a serious condition that involves scarring that damages the liver. If an individual has cirrhosis, the healthy tissue is replaced by scar tissue. The liver ceases to produce enough clotting factors that results to bleeding and bruising. This results to the buildup of bile and poisons in the blood. The scarring can …

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Shingles or herpes zoster is an infection that develops due to the reactivation of the same virus responsible for chickenpox. The condition is characterized by a painful rash. Can shingles spread to others? Shingles could not spread to others. Nevertheless, they can acquire chickenpox if had not been infected before or given the chickenpox vaccine. …

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How to deal with an electrical injury?

An electrical injury occurs if an electrical current flows through the body. This results to a disruption with the function of an internal organ or oftentimes burning of the tissues. Electrical injury can occur after exposure to defective electrical appliances or machinery as well as unintentional contact with household wires or electrical lines. Being shocked …

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What is insecticide poisoning?

Serious cases of insecticide poisoning are caused by organophosphate and carbamate forms of insecticides especially if used for suicide attempts. Due to the deadly properties of insecticides, they are deadly to humans. Organophosphates include parathion, malathion, dursban and sarin. Some of these compounds are derived from nerve gases. As for carbamates, they include carbaryl, fenobucarb …

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