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Close look on discoid eczema

Discoid eczema is an uncommon form of eczema characterized by coin-shaped lesions or sores on the skin. These lesions usually start on the lower legs, rear surfaces of the elbows and hands. The sores are intensely itchy with the tendency to recur and vary in size and number. The condition often affects middle-aged and older […]

Cold sores

Cold sores are small-sized blisters that develop on the lips or skin surrounding the mouth, nose as well as the chin. In most cases, they are brought about by infection from the herpes simplex virus (HSV). Individuals are typically sick in childhood or young adulthood and usually persists for life. Some adults have herpes simplex […]

Human bites

Human bites can be categorized as minor or serious. It is vital to determine which ones necessitate medical care. Remember that human bites include various injuries including deliberately-inflicted bites but also from encountering the teeth of another individual. Indications of a human bite A human bite is usually an evident injury but in some cases, […]

Hydrocolloid dressings

Hydrocolloid dressings offer a damp and insulating environment for healing that protects wounds while letting the bodily enzymes to start the healing process. These dressings are considered unique since they do not require daily changing and easy to apply. Characteristics of hydrocolloid dressings? Contain gel-forming agents within the interior layers of the dressing Available with […]

Infected incision: What are the indications?

A surgical incision is always at risk for infection if not properly cared for. The chief indications of an infected incision include fever, pain and changes in the appearance of the incision and adjacent skin. If infection develops after surgery, it can result to increasing pain, extended stay in the healthcare facility and even life-threatening […]

Leg ulcer: Ideal home remedies

A leg ulcer is simply an open wound that is persistent or could not properly heal. The possible causes usually include diabetes and poor circulation as well as circulatory or valve dysfunction. The common form is the venous stasis leg ulcer which is usually found below the knee, slightly higher than the ankle on the […]

Power saw injuries

Power saw injuries tend to vary widely and the severity depends on the location, depth and the quality of the saw. Power saws are considered as convenient tools used to cut and shape all types of materials but capable of causing serious hand injuries. The hands are at risk since they are used to guide […]

Bandage application

Proper bandage application is essential when caring for various injuries and wounds. It is important that you are familiar on how to correctly apply one in case a family member or friend is wounded. Vital points in bandage application Make sure that the individual is comfortable and inform him/her what you are doing. You have to […]

What are partial thickness burns?

A partial thickness burn affects the upper 2 layers of the skin – epidermis and hypodermis. This type of burn continues to change over time and evolve into a full thickness burn even after primary treatment was provided. It is important to note that a partial thickness burn can be serious and has a high […]