First Aid Training in Grande Prairie

St. Mark James Training in Grande Prairie offers trainees in Alberta the best training in CPR, first aid, food safe, and safety and awareness. Compared to other training centers in the city, none offer better quality programs and training rates than we do. We also offer private training and off-peak class schedules for students who have problems enrolling in any of the regular classes. All CPR and other programs are taught by trainers who are certified themselves to assure the quality of the training given to students. Re-certification programs are also available to keep certificates valid for another set number of years.

puncture wound
Dressing for a puncture wound.

Introduction to training and certification


All of the programs at St. Mark James Training Grande Prairie are certification programs that award trainees with credentials once they complete all program requirements. Certificates for CPR and hydrogen sulfide awareness training have a validity of three years, after which a re-certification program has to be taken. Students can only sign up for re-certification if their credentials are still valid and only nearing expiration. Online programs have certifications that do not expire, as well as the food safety training course, except food safe credentials have to be updated every five years.

CPR training

The CPR training program has standard and emergency categories. Standard programs take two days to complete while emergency programs are shorter, making up 1 continuous session over 1 day. The basic CPR curriculum consists of teaching students about cardiovascular diseases, cardiac arrest, chest compressions, rescue breathing, and defibrillation. Different kinds of the CPR program more or less incorporate these basic topics.

  1. Standard CPR/AED and first aid – 14-16 hours, basic 1 person CPR rescue and first aid
  2. Emergency CPR/AED and first aid – 6.5-8 hours, basic 1 person CPR rescue and first aid
  3. Standard Child Care CPR/AED and first aid – 16-20 hours, basic 1 person rescue and first aid for pediatric victims
  4. Emergency Child Care CPR/AED and first aid – 8 hours, basic 1 person rescue and first aid for pediatric victims

There are three levels of stand-alone classes that are offered without additional first aid lessons.

  1. CPR level A – 4 hours, basic CPR for adult victims
  2. CPR level C – 5 hours, basic CPR for adult and pediatric victims
  3. CPR level HCP – 6 hours, CPR level C for health care providers (HCP)

Re-certification program lengths

Re-certification is available for everything except for CPR level A. You may inquire about re-certification from the St. Mark James Training Grande Prairie staff.

  • Stand-alone CPR training – 4 hours
  • Standard CPR/AED and Emergency Child Care CPR/AED – 6-8 hours
  • Standard Child Care CPR/AED – 8-9 hours
  • Emergency CPR/AED – 4-6 hours

Safety training

Focused on teaching prevention and raising awareness, safety training primarily teaches common hazards that can lead to minor and major injuries or health problems.  They are offered in house in the training center or online Hydrogen sulfide awareness has both online and in house training.

  • Food safe/safety training – in house
  • WHMIS and TDG (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System and Transport of Dangerous Goods) – on-line
  • Hydrogen sulfide awareness – on-line and in house
  • Fire hazards – online

Start training with St. Mark James Training Grande Prairie today.

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