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St. Mark James Training in Lethbridge is the best training center in Lethbridge, Alberta for CPR, first aid, food safety, and safety and awareness. Other providers cannot compare with the high quality programs, experienced teachers and low prices we offer our students. If you need certification that is valid throughout the province or the country, just sign up for one of our training courses. There are several CPR training classes offered through the week, as well as programs that are focused on safety. You can find a complete description of these classes below, as well as how long they take to complete. Enrolment is quite easy as well, the most popular method being an online application form on the St. Mark James Training Lethbridge website.

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Tell me about getting trained in CPR.

There are seven different CPR training classes offered by our provider. They have different curriculum and program lengths but all focus on the same CPR basics: recognition of cardiac arrest and giving chest compressions, rescue breaths, and defibrillation. No matter what the program is, trainees all receive the same basic training.

There are two main classifications of training: standard and emergency. Standard programs run over a two sessions over two days while emergency programs run over one session over one day. Re-certification programs (for revalidation of certificates) are available for all CPR classes except for stand-alone CPR level A.

CPR/AED and First Aid

Standard: 2 days, 14 to 16 hours; one-person rescue and basic first aid skills

Emergency: 1 day, 6.5 to 8 hours; same curriculum as standard

Re-certification: 6 to 8 hours (standard), 4-6 hours (emergency)

Adult training mannequin
Adult training mannequin

Child Care CPR/AED and First Aid

Standard: 2 days, 16 to 20 hours; one-person rescue for pediatric victims and basic first aid skills

Emergency: 1 day, 8 hours; same curriculum as standard

Re-certification: 8-9 hours (standard), 6 to 8 hours (emergency)

Stand-alone CPR/AED

  • Level A: 4 hours, CPR for adult victims
  • Level C: 5 hours, CPR for adult and pediatric victims
  • Level HCP: 6 hours, CPR for adult and pediatric victims (for health care providers)

Re-certification for all stand-alone classes (levels C and HCP) are 4 hours long. Re-certification allows students to keep CPR training certificates valid for another three years. Students can only sign up for re-certification if their credentials are still valid (not expired).

Food safety and handling

St. Mark James Training Lethbridge offers food safety credentialing programs as well. Certification received from our food safe classes do not expire, but the province requires them to be updated every five years. Basics in handling food to prevent the spread of microorganisms (that can lead to health problems) are taught in the classes.

Safety and awareness

The concept of safety and awareness is very broad, and the programs we offer try to cover the most requested and useful safety topics in the program. Safety and awareness programs mostly focus on prevention and management of injuries.

  • WHMIS and TDG (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, Transport of Dangerous Goods) – these two are usually taken together – online
  • Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) awareness – online and inhouse
  • Fire hazard awareness – online

Certification from online courses do not expire except for H2S training. The H2S program credentials are similar to the CPR certificates and have a validity of three years.

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